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Slovenia Cycling Holidays

At Slovenia Bike Tours, we strive to make your cycling holidays tailored to your needs. That is why we love to make bespoke trips for you, so you can enjoy them at your own pace and create a lasting memories of beautiful Slovenian country. Below you can find some suggestions for your holidays, but don't worry, we will be happy to modify them for you. And if you already have a trip in mind or some places that are a must for your visit, let us know and we will create a custom itinerary for your trip. Have fun!

8 days / 7 nights

Witness the breathtaking views of the Slovenian landscape in a single tour, showcasing the diverse natural and cultural surroundings. Encounter the untamed wilderness of Slovenia's most protected natural habitat and indulge in the rich flavors of wine and food traditions. Finally, find solace and relaxation by the sea in Piran, a charming coastal gem in Slovenia.


7 days / 6 nights

Are you a road cycling enthusiast who loves a challenge? On this tour, you will discover the favorite climbs of the best Slovenian cyclists, enjoy peaceful backroads and most of all discover the true beauty of Slovenia. What better way to do it than on the bike? This trip offers a mixture of tourist pearls (Bled, Goriška Brda, Soča Valley) and quiet countryside (Idrija, Poljanska Valley) with perfect roads. Enjoy your ride!


5 days / 4 nights

Embark on a bike tour from Ljubljana to the stunning Alps, immersing yourself in Slovenia's natural beauty. Ride through picturesque countryside and charming villages, leading to Lake Bled and its mesmerizing surroundings. Enjoy panoramic views of snow-capped peaks and explore Triglav National Park's lush forests. Experience the triumph of your journey from Ljubljana to the awe-inspiring Alpine region.


Do you have other travel ideas? We can create perfectly customised tour itinerary according to your wishes. 

We will work closely with you to accommodate all your wishes and desires. Just trust them to our team of experts!

6 days / 5 nights

Is one country not enough for you? Discover the scenic beauty and local wines of Slovenia's two northernmost regions, with a chance to visit Austria and Croatia in a single day. Delight in the exquisite wines from the surrounding vineyards and take leisurely breaks along the journey. Uncover hidden traditional family wine cellars and modern high-end wine production, culminating your trip in the enchanting Prekmurje region known for its hospitality and delicious culinary culture. After the tour, relax and rejuvenate in a natural spa.


3 days / 2 nights

Embark on an off the beaten path adventure near Ljubljana, where you can explore the captivating landscapes and intriguing attractions of central Slovenia. Experience the serene ambiance of the Slovenian countryside, marveling at the wonders of karst landscapes and relishing the tranquility of gravel roads. Immerse yourself in nature as you visit natural reserves and pristine habitats, connecting with the natural world around you.


7 days / 6 nights

Embark on a journey through Southwestern Slovenia, where scenic landscapes, cultural heritage, and exquisite wines await. Pedal through picturesque countryside, charming villages, and unique geological formations. Discover the flavors of Slovenian wines, explore historic towns, and visit local winemakers. End your adventure with a relaxing stop along the Mediterranean Sea.

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