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A Weekend Gravel Escape

Embark on an off the beaten path adventure near Ljubljana, where you can explore the captivating landscapes and intriguing attractions of central Slovenia. Experience the serene ambiance of the Slovenian countryside, marveling at the wonders of karst landscapes and relishing the tranquility of gravel roads. Immerse yourself in nature as you visit natural reserves and pristine habitats, connecting with the natural world around you.

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Fitness level


4 days / 3 nights

Low / Intermediate

60 - 70 km

Self-guided: 899€ / person
Guided: 1199€/person

  • Off the beaten path adventure in the vicinity of Ljubljana

  • Explore the stunning landscapes and fascinating attractions of central Slovenia

  • Savor the peacefulness of the Slovenian countryside

  • Witness the wonders of karst landscapes

  • Enjoy the tranquility of gravel roads

  • Be in touch with nature in natural reserves and pristine habitats 


Ljubljana - Postojna


Pedal through scenic countryside, passing through small villages and rolling hills. Arrive in Postojna, home to the renowned Postojna Cave, one of the world's largest karst cave systems with fascinating underground chambers and stunning stalactite formations. You can also take some time to visit the iconic Predjama Castle, built into the mouth of a cave, which offers a glimpse into medieval history.


Distance, elevation, surface: 60 km, 700 vm, more than 50 % gravel surface


  • Tour design

  • Accommodation

  • Luggage transfers

  • Navigation maps

  • 24/7 support

  • Tour handout with itinerary and sightseeing tips

Optional Extras

  • Airport transfer

  • Bike & equipment rental

  • Single traveler supplement

  • Dining reservations

  • Food & wine tastings

  • Sightseeing tours

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